May 24, 2023

Mary Njoku reveals the destructive agent in African sisterhood

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Mary Njoku

4th August, 2023

Jennifer Eluemelem

Nigerian actress Mary Njoku has taken to social media to reveal what has destroyed feminine relationships.

The actress wrote that African women were petty towards to each other.

She wrote “small misunderstanding, 5yrs of malice” while citing examples of little conversation exchanges which could lead to issues between African females due to misunderstanding on the side of both parties.

Revealing that 3rd party comments was what was destroying the African sisterhood Mary, said” ‘dem say, dem say, If she didn’t/can’t say it to your face, rest”

She also advised women saying “Let’s learn to tolerate each other the way we tolerate our men. That’s the only way we can grow together”.

It is unclear if the actress was referring to any particular person of interest or just addressing African women in general.

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